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7, 25%
Your profit is Guaranteed with us

Our Philosophy
Invest your money today in a healthy real estate market with attractive appreciation of capital in the foreseeable future. Investors, consider taking advantage of the current currency price level and competence of our partners.

C&G Global Investments was founded on the belief that the successful management of wealth takes an understanding of money but is rooted in an even deeper understanding of people. So before we ask to lending us your capital, we’ll first invest in our relationship with you.

Whoever you are, we take the time to get to know you; to understand what makes you tick. That means developing a personal understanding and an enduring connection. Only by building a strong relationship with you, we can engage in a honest and personal conversations that will enable us to secure your investment and make it profitable. We want to offer you the confidence that comes from a better understanding of your financial situation and the options available to you. Free from financial distractions, you can devote more time to what you really enjoy doing.

We have the technical skills to make the most of opportunities to protect and grow your wealth. But more than that, our ability to build strong relationships means we can create the bespoke financial plans and investment portfolios that will secure your capital with us and deliver peace of mind that your interests are in the right hands.


It is a beautiful condom located 150 meters from the beach. The complex has 25 units and 2 penthouses.


Beautiful building with 50 units, 300 meters from the beach. 4 penthouses


Amazing apartment resort, located 50 meters from the beach. 75 units including 5 penthouses.

Throughout the history of civilization real estate has always been the cornerstone of wealth, and it still is to these days. Investing your money in our real estate portfolio will create profitable value to your liquidity.
C&G Global Investments will do all the heavy lifting for you. We will find the best opportunities in the market and guarantee a profitable return. If you would like to learn more please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Manlio Castello
Co-Founder and CEO

Dr. Alberto Gianni
Co-Founder and Head Financial Officer

Manlio, born in 78. After earning his qualification in Accountant and Management at the City University of London, he shifted his focus into real estate. Manlio comes from a property development background. His grandfather developed many buildings in Palermo and surrounding areas. With over a decade of experience and unsurpassed industry knowledge on the Brazilian Real Estate market, Manlio has been mastering his skills to identify high yielding properties and development projects that generate lucrative returns on investment with exciting financial rewards for his investment partners. Prior to becoming a property professional, Manlio worked for the famous Canadian shoes fashion chain Aldo, as branch manager first. 2 years later, he was appointed as a manager for the manufacturing procurement in Brazil.  In 2016 he briefly returned to Palermo where he began a new successful business adventure with the Chiosco Mediterranean restaurant. He currently owns a real estate portfolio in Brazil worth R$ 5,250,000.

Alberto is the Chief Investment Officer and head of the C&G Global Investment team and a member of the Investment Committee. He is focusing on oversight and management of customized estate portfolios in EM. He has been working for several top Financial Institutions worldwide. He has 16 years of industry experience. Prior to establishing the firm, Alberto was senior financial analyst for EMAS at Merrill Lynch. Previously, he was fund product development for Emerging Market Asset Management Fund at UBS in Zürich. Alberto received a BSc with honors in Economics from Bologna University in Italy. He holds a Master in Finance at the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science.